Steak Shipping

Question 1: How are McGonigle’s products shipped?

  • Answer: Our steak and meat combos are vacuum packaged, flash frozen and placed in an extra thick Styrofoam cooler with dry ice. We use a one to two day shipping service with UPS to guarantee frozen steaks upon delivery. Thus, our shipping costs will probably be more than if you were shipping something that did not have to arrive within that specific a time window.

Question 2: When do you ship your steaks?

  • Answer: We ship at the beginning of the week to ensure delivery before the weekend. When ordering, the purchaser can designate which week they prefer the shipment to go out, but we recommend shipping prior to the holiday rush, if possible.

Question 3: Does someone need to be at home to receive the package?

  • Answer: If no one is home, the steaks will be left in a safe place and their door tagged, just like any other UPS package. We would recommend that you confirm that your recipient is in town the week you have their steaks shipped. If you are unsure of the recipients schedule, try a “steak certificate” that can be redeemed at a date of their choosing.

Question 4: Can I ship to a PO Box?

  • Answer: Packages shipped via UPS cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

Question 5: Why are orders that are shipped to Missouri charged Sales Tax?

  • Answer: Because our local market is located in the state of Missouri, the state and Federal government enforces the collection of sales tax for the state in which our business resides.

Question 6: How do I know that my package has shipped?

  • Answer: Tracking information for all steak shipments is sent once your order has been processed for shipment. It will arrive as a “Quantum View Notification” from UPS in your inbox.

Question 7: I receive error messages when I place my order. How do I know that you have received my order and how do I fix the problem?

  • Answer: If you get an error message, we did not receive your order and your credit card was not charged. Try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Do not use symbols like & or @ in the address information. You can also clear your cache and restart your browser. Of course, you are always welcome to just call us and place your order.

Shipping Information – Ship for as little as $9

Alaska – $78
Hawaii – $89

Find the corresponding zone to the state where the order will be shipped and add that amount to the order. Shipping costs are per order.* If you have questions, call 816/444-4720 or 888/783-2540.

mcgonigles online ordering nation wide shipping rates map










Zone 1 – Green :$9.00 | Zone 2 – Yellow: $16.00 | Zone 3 – Purple: $21.00 | Zone 4 – Red: $30.00

Your orders are Guaranteed Frozen in our “Mini Freezer”.

McGonigle’s hand packs each order in a reusable, heavy duty styrofoam cooler with dry ice creating a safe, reliable “mini freezer” designed to keep your order frozen until it is delivered by UPS. All meat products are USDA inspected for your safety and security.

Send Your Order by Fax…(816) 444-2474 Printable Order Form

Our Standard Shipping Price is based on a maximum 10 lbs. of product. Over that weight, we charge $1.00- $2.00 per lb., depending on the destination state.