Coho Salmon
Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

January 30, 2018


2 tbsp any seafood/fish/salmon rub

2 10-12 ounce fresh coho salmon (cleaned, pin-bones removed)


1Preheat grill on high heat.

2Sprinkle seafood rub all over the pink flesh side of the salmon and gently massage it into the skin.

3Place the two pieces of salmon, seasoned side down, onto the grill and let it cook for 5 minutes without moving it.

4Using a large grilling spatula, flip the salmon after 5 minutes then cook for another 3-5 minutes until salmon is cooked through, but not overcooked and tough. Keep an eye on it and make sure it's not getting overcooked.

5Serve salmon with a side salad and favorite vegetable, if desired.

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