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McGonigle’s Gift Card
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Gift giving made easy! Give your recipient the opportunity to choose from any of our fine products in our local market with the McGonigle’s Gift Card. Starting at $25.00, the gift card will be mailed to you in an attractive card so that you can add your personal message, or we can send it directly to them with your personal message.

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Cooking Instructions


Are you sending or receiving a McGonigle’s Gift Card? Below you will find helpful cooking instructions. Our suggestions for
cooking will make you seem a genius.

A NICE HOT FIRE–Always start with a good HOT fire. This will sear in the flavor and natural juices. It
can be charcoal, gas, a broiler or a skillet, but start hot. When using charcoal allow the flaming period
to pass and use the hot glowing coals. Every grill is a little different, but generally 4-6 minutes on each
side will produce a beautiful medium rare steak. Never use a fork or anything that will pierce the steak
and allow the juices to run out.

SEASONING OR MARINADE?—In our taste tests at McGonigle’s we have found that our quality cuts
of steak certainly do not need to be marinated for tenderness. It simply becomes a matter of taste.
Just keep in mind that your goal is to enhance the steak flavor, not mask it. My favorite options are a
dry steak seasoning or for the purist, just salt and pepper. Some studies even show that no seasoning
at all actually produces the best beef flavor. You will find in our catalog that we offer a selection of
three of our favorite dry seasonings.

STEAK SAUCE?—According to our founder, Bill McGonigle, you should never ruin a good steak with
steak sauce. Try it pure and simple. We think you will love it. If you prefer sauce, try to stick with
complimentary flavors that allow you to taste the rich goodness of a fine aged steak.

However you enjoy or share our steaks, we are delighted that you will know now why Kansas City has made
McGonigle’s the leader in fine steaks in a city famous for steaks.

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