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Winter Warrior Tips

Winter Grilling Scaled_0At McGonigle’s, we understand the carnivore in you. We know that just because the weather is nasty and bitter cold, you still need your barbecue. Even if icicles are hanging off your nose, you’re going to grill a steak every once in a while during the winter. Be it steaks, burgers, brats, chicken, or pork, you crave that delicious, smoky grilled flavor that only a barbecue pit can provide. You’re not going to let Old Man Winter keep you from enjoying your favorite flavors. You, my friend, are what we affectionately refer to as a Winter Warrior.

Some Say You’re Crazy We Say You’re a Connoisseur

What’s a little frostbite when you’re talking T-Bones?! A thick juicy burger in February is worth its weight in GOLD. Those goose bumps just remind you of chicken skin and make you one with your meal. And somehow, because it’s winter and all, it tastes even better! So the neighbors aren’t outside to smell it – that’s their loss. You are going to sink your teeth in, chattering or not, and enjoy the living heck out of whatever just came off your grill. We say more power to ya!

Winter Warrior Safe Grilling Tips

We have Winter Warriors amongst us too, so we totally understand. However, when you sell the best meat in town, you do feel a little responsibility to protect your loyal customers. So the staff at McGonigle’s has come up with some Winter Warrior Tips to keep you safe during your off-season grilling escapades:

  • When grilling in winter, flip flops are not recommended footwear.
  • Oven mitts can double as snow gloves.
  • Icicles do not make good shish kabob skewers.

Happy grilling and remember, Fahrenheit is all in your head…until you can’t feel your fingers.

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