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What’s in Season Right Now at McGonigle’s Market

Fresh Fall ProduceThe kids are all headed back to school, and fall sales are popping up all over the malls. We are on the cusp of a new season in the Midwest, meaning we are getting some of the early fresh picks of fall in stock here at McGonigle’s. Here are a few early-season picks you can get right now at your favorite local family-owned grocer.

Heirloom Tomatoes & Peppers

Heirloom season is at its peak right now. These tomatoes and peppers are characterized as being a variety that has been passed down from gardener to gardener. Heirloom vegetables come true from seed, unlike modern hybrid varieties, making them easy to share. The taste, color, size and shape vary from vegetable to vegetable, but that’s part of what makes these goodies so popular. The heirloom tomatoes are great used in recipes that call for regular tomatoes, or eaten fresh sliced with a little bit of salt and pepper sprinkled on top. We get most of our heirloom veggies from the local Cobinsteinz Farms, so they are super fresh.

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Early-Fall Apples

It’s not quite apple season yet, but we are getting some of the early-season varieties in stock very soon. The best early season apple varieties are Gala, Lodi, Earligold, and SweeTango. Most of these varieties are great options for homemade applesauce, too.

As we get farther into fall, keep an eye out for more local apple varieties in our produce section. The best baking apples usually ripen in mid-fall.

Perfect Pies

Fall is the ultimate pie season, so of course, we are starting to stock up our aisles with only the best. Some of our favorites right now come from a company in Nebraska called “The Village Pie Maker”. They are super delicious and look just like homemade pies, even though they are frozen. They are “take and bake” and found in the frozen foods aisle.  

Local Wines Perfect for Fall

Wines are popular year round, but we are starting to carry a select few fall varieties that you need to try this upcoming season. The 7C’S Winery out of Walnut Grove Missouri makes an Apple Wine made from…….you guessed it APPLES. They also make a blended white wine called Cattle Drive White. Pick up a few bottles of this delicious wine at McGonigle’s Market in our Wine & Spirit section.
Head on down to McGonigle’s Market on the corner of Ward Parkway & 79th Street to pick up your pre-season goodies now.

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