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We Love Meat, and So Does Kansas City: Our 5 Best Sellers

McGonigles Meat Best SellersMeat, meat, MEAT! McGonigle’s has a rich history in cutting and selling premium meats to the Kansas City area and beyond. We sell a wide variety of crowd-pleasing meat choices at our Market on Ward Parkway and 79th Street, but we also ship steaks to almost anywhere in the country! When we round it all up, we sell a lot of meat. Here’s a list of our five fan favorites.

Juicy Ground Beef

Our ground beef choices range from 70-90% lean, which means you can use it for everything from grilling up the perfect burger to creating the most scrumptious meatball to baking up a mean meatloaf. Our top-quality ground beef is perfect for any meal, whether it’s laid back with a few beers, or fancy with a glass of red wine (which you can also buy at McGonigle’s Market).

Succulent Kansas City Strips

Seeing as we’re based in Kansas City, this is only fitting. Kansas Citians love their hometown steaks. McGonigle’s purchases only the best cuts of beef, carefully ages them for flavor and tenderness, and then our expert butchers trim them up to perfection.

Tasty Beef Roasts

The locals here also love a good roast. Seeing as we have to put up with a long winter, a tasty roast is the perfect pick-me-up. McGonigle’s offers everything from a rolled rump roast to delicious briskets.

Tender Pork Ribs

When it comes to pork, McGonigle’s has you covered. Especially when it comes to ribs. We offer several different types of rib slabs you can choose from. And the great thing about buying your ribs at McGonigle’s Market is that you can buy all the sauces and ingredients you need to make it a delicacy in one place!

Anything BBQ

This is a given. Kansas City is the home of BBQ, and McGonigle’s fans know where to go for delicious tangy BBQ. You can buy your own meats and sauces to concoct on your own, or you can buy our BBQ to go! We give you so many options.

Come on down to McGonigle’s Market at Ward Parkway and 79th Street or call us at 816-444-4720 to pick up your top-quality meats today.

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