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Turkey Day Timeline & Tips for The Best Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving TipsThanksgiving is right around the corner! Whether you’re hosting, or a guest, knowing when to make what is key to a successful Thanksgiving meal. From the bird to the fixings to the sweets, there is a lot of keep on your mind. Here’s a timeline of what you need to prepare and when, and how to make sure it all goes smoothly so you can have a relaxing holiday with family and friends. Just follow McGonigle’s Turkey Day Timeline & Tips!

2 Weeks Till Turkey Day

  • Make a list of everything you’ll need to prepare your Thanksgiving feast
  • Order your Fresh Turkey from McGonigle’s Market to ensure you have the tastiest bird reserved

2 Days Till Turkey Day

  • Pick up your turkey from McGonigle’s Market
  • Make the cranberry sauce and store in the refrigerator
  • Make your desserts and store in the refrigerator or cover and keep on the counter in a safe spot away from pets and traffic

1 Day Till Turkey Day

  • Prepare mashed potatoes and store in refrigerator
  • Assemble and bake stuffing and store in sealed container in refrigerator
  • Set your festive table with decorations and place settings

Night Before Thanksgiving

  • Make the gravy and store in refrigerator

Morning of Thanksgiving

  • Preheat oven to 325
  • Start baking your turkey, basting when directions call for it
  • Prepare other side dishes that need to be made fresh

Hour Before the Thanksgiving Feast

  • Increase oven temp to 350, place  mashed potatoes and stuffing in oven to warm up before serving

30 Minutes Before the Thanksgiving Feast

  • Bake dinner rolls
  • Warm gravy in saucepan
  • Cook green beans until tender
  • Set butter out to soften
  • Check refrigerator for that one item you always forget (cranberry sauce, Jello mold, etc.)

Right Before Serving

  • Carve the turkey and remember how grateful you are to share your meal with all of your loved ones

Turkey Guide

Come down to McGonigle’s Market today on  Ward Parkway at 79th St. to pick up everything on your list for your Thanksgiving feast.

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