The Winter Alternative to Wild Caught Salmon

At McGonigle’s Market, we’re known for the best meat and seafood. Because of this, we get a lot of requests for Wild Caught Salmon and we always carry it when it is available. Unfortunately, in the winter months, the only wild caught salmon available is frozen. As an alternative, we carry responsibly farm-raised salmon out of Scotland. Wester Ross Fisheries raises their salmon in low density populations in very clean, cold, deep water. They are fed only all organic feed and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Here’s why we pick Wester Ross Salmon during the winter months.


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Hands-on with Every Detail


salmon-wester-rossWester Ross Fisheries prides themselves on their attention to detail. What does this mean when raising salmon? It means that the fishery does not rely on machines or cameras to monitor the care and health of their salmon. The Wester Ross farmers are on the water every day of the year and they feed the salmon exclusively by hand. Why? To be sure that the salmon are receiving top-notch care to grow up big and strong!


RSPCA Certified & No Added Hormones or Antibiotics


Wester Ross Fisheries has been certified as a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Freedom Food from the very beginning of the program. This certification requires Wester Ross Fisheries to meet a certain set of standards that ensures the prevention of cruelty to animals by performing humane farming, transporting, and slaughtering techniques. Another reason that we choose Wester Ross Salmon is because they do not use hormones or make routine use of antibiotics. In fact, the fish are so well cared for, they’ve never had to use antibiotics!


Landlocked here in the heart of the US, getting excellent seafood can seem like a problem. But the way we look at it, being equally distant from either coast benefits our customers in allowing us to bring in the best variety of fresh fish available. Fresh seafood arrives at our market daily, and we always welcome special orders! Got one? Just give us a call at 816-444-4720 or shoot us an email!

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