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The 2 Must-Haves for Hosting the Ultimate Oktoberfest Party

McGonigle's Beer and Pretzel

Oktoberfest will soon be coming to an end in Germany, but we want to keep the party going! Our shelves are stocked with everything you need and want to host the ultimate Oktoberfest bash. The official Oktoberfest in Munich is known for its seasonal brew, hearty snacks, and good times with lots of friends. You can throw your own Oktoberfest party right here in Kansas City and pick up all the goods you’ll need at McGonigle’s Market.

Bring On the Brews

Märzen is the official drink of the Oktoberfest festival. It is the lager that was historically brewed and preserved during the spring and summer months to be enjoyed in the fall. Oktoberfest beers are characterized by their slightly sweet, moderately roasty, and nutty taste. There are so many different styles of Oktoberfest brews now, whether German, or American, that are sure to please a wide array of beer fans.

Check out our 2016 list of all of our favorite Oktoberfest brews that you can pick up at McGonigle’s just in time for your own seasonal party!

Must-Have Oktoberfest Snacks

Besides the traditional Märzen, Oktoberfest is also known for its great array of cuisine. Some festival favorites include lots of traditional Bavarian foods, such as soft jumbo pretzels, juicy bratwursts, sauerkraut, and apple strudel among other tasty treats. For a great appetizer idea that will please all of your Oktoberfest friends, make a tasting board with several German foods. Check out this article from Bon Appetit for Oktoberfest food ideas for your party.

Stop by McGonigle’s for your one-stop shop for all things Oktoberfest. We’re at the corner of Ward Parkway and 79th Street and we can’t wait to get the party started!

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