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Taste the Difference with Berkshire Pork from McGonigle’s Market

berkshire-pork-mcgonigles-kcOnce you’ve tasted Berkshire pork, no other pork will compare. It’s daydream-worthy, really. Unlike other commodity pork, Berkshire is not only raised differently, but they are known for producing the best pork money can buy.

Continue reading as the pros at McGonigle’s break down the difference in Berkshire pork, and why it’s the most sought after pork in the entire world!

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A Brief History Berkshire Pork

berkshire-pig-pork-mcgoniglesBerkshire pork comes from Berkshire pigs, a heritage breed of pig, which were discovered hundreds of years ago by Oliver Cromwell and his army in Berkshire, England. Later, these pigs were bred by the King of England for his own personal meat supply, so you know it must be good!

Berkshire pigs were then brought to the New World by Puritan settlers and were thought to be extinct until a small number of them were found on a private farm in rural Arkansas. Berkshire pork is now widely popular and known for its mouth-watering qualities and overall depth of flavor.


Why Berkshire Pork is the Most Sought After Pork in the World


Because research says so! Study after study, and taste test after taste test have proved that Berkshire pork is the finest quality pork on the market. These numerous studies have found that Berkshire pigs produce the absolute best quality meat. This is due to their shorter muscle fibers and intense marbling, which both contribute to optimal flavor and tenderness.

Even the appearance of Berkshire pork is different than commodity pork. This pork has beautiful intramuscular marbling with coloring much richer and darker than the rest. This coloring hints at its unparalleled, juicy, stand-out flavor.

The Importance of Sustainably Raised Meat

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? This is especially true for pigs because the fat they eat gets redistributed to their muscle fiber, which means their diets are crucial for how the meat will look and taste.  

Most industrially raised pigs eat soybeans and corn, while Berkshire pigs are fed higher quality food such as fresh vegetables and fruit, oats, and molasses. Because Berkshire pigs are fed the best quality food, they in turn, become the best quality meat. Berkshire pork is also known to be extremely juicy because they are raised in low-stress environments. Stressful living environments cause tough, dry meat.


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