Take The Stress Out of Thanksgiving: Your McGonigle’s Turkey Order Guide

Turkey Orders for Thanksgiving

At McGonigle’s, we’ve been cooking up Thanksgiving meals and selling fresh turkeys to Kansas City families for years. Before you place your Thanksgiving order online, be sure to check out all of your options and tips below!

Start By Deciding What You Need

  • A Fresh Turkey Whole – Fresh turkey, never frozen,  minimally processed with no additives or preservatives. Fresh and ready for you to cook. Sold by the pound.
  • A Turkey Cooked & Sliced – Turkey is already cooked in our own kitchen and sliced for easy serving. All you have to do is warm before serving! Sold by the pound.
  • An Entire Thanksgiving Dinner – Cooked and sliced turkey with all the fixings of a traditional holiday meal.

How to Order According to Number of People You’re Feeding

Whether you are in need of a fresh turkey, a cooked and sliced turkey, or a Thanksgiving meal, first figure out how many people you’ll be needing to feed.


For Fresh Turkey: The rule of thumb on turkey size is 1 pound to 1 1/4th pound per adult person. As the turkey size gets larger, you will be able to serve more people per pound. If you want leftovers, then you should definitely order a larger turkey.


For Cooked & Sliced Turkey: The rule of thumb from above also applies, as cooked and sliced turkey is sold by the pound. Choose from either mixed dark and white meat or all white meat.


For the Whole Thanksgiving Meal: Each meal includes our fresh turkey, roasted, sliced and placed in a pan, mashed potatoes, herb stuffing, homestyle green beans, gravy, cranberry walnut relish, rolls and butter. You have your choice of ordering your dinner with a proportional mix of white and dark meat, or you have the choice of all white meat. Base your order on the options below:

  • #1M Dinner for 4-8 people                    
  • #2M Dinner for 6-10 people
  • #3M Dinner for 8-14 people


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Add a Pie!

Once you’ve got the main course covered, don’t forget to add on one of our delicious pies. Our pecan pie and our sour cream apple pie are made here in our own kitchen. Our pumpkin pie is made especially for us by a local bakery.

Pick Your Pick-Up Date

If you are picking up a fresh turkey, you may pick up your order on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We will be opened from 8 AM to 6 PM. It will not be necessary to give us a pick up time.

If you are picking up a cooked turkey or turkey dinner, the order form will ask you to choose a Tuesday or Wednesday pick up and time frame.  

Get prepared for your holiday get-together early and order your Thanksgiving turkey online by clicking here.

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