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A Story of Ribs, 3 Foster Kids and a Happy Ending


Every year, McGonigle’s Market holds our Ribs for Kids event to help raise money and awareness for one of our favorite charities – FosterAdopt Connect. FosterAdopt Connect (previously known as Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association) helps many area children who are victims of neglect and abuse in Missouri and Kansas find loving homes. Here is a story of three young foster kids and how FosterAdopt Connect found them a home.

Keeping It in the Family

Since they know that children do best when they are with their family, whenever possible, FosterAdopt Connect strives to keep children with their biological families. They search there first and many times find loving family members who are able and willing to help these kids. On September 12, 2014, three children came into custody due to drug use and domestic violence. The children were ages three, four, and seven. They were staying in a foster home, but unfortunately were showing inappropriate behaviors in the home, most likely due to the stress of the situation.

The 30 Days to Family Program

Getting these children back into a familiar and loving environment as quickly as possible is paramount. A FosterAdopt Connect 30 Days to Family Specialist started intently looking into family members to take the children in their care. Two business days later, 146 family members were identified on the genogram and the specialist had found three potential placement options. A home study was done on two of the placement options and on September 16, 2014, only three business days later, the children were placed with family. Though the goal is for the children to be reunified with their parents, the children are currently living with their maternal grandparents at their home in Blue Springs, Missouri. The children are in a familiar and loving environment with people they love.

The Way to Their Hearts Is through Your Stomach

FosterAdopt Connect does so much good work to help so many hurting kids, we are proud to partner with them for the annual Ribs for Kids event. Besides placing children, FosterAdopt Connect also provides training, support, a food pantry, a clothing closet and more for these wonderful families who foster and adopt these kids. We can’t all foster and adopt children, but we can all eat ribs. Won’t you help us help them?

Don’t Miss the Ribs for Kids Event!

Come down to McGonigle’s Market at the corner of Ward Parkway and 79th Street during our Ribs for Kids Event to benefit FosterAdopt Connect and buy some delicious barbecued baby back ribs. If you don’t need ribs this weekend, you can always purchase tokens to exchange for slabs of ribs later. They’re good all year long! Listen to your heart (or your stomach) and swing by for our Annual Ribs for Kids event. Do it for the kids!

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