Seasonal Beer Challenge: 5 of McGonigle’s Must-Try Summer Beers


After many long nights, and lots of taste testing (and we mean lots), McGonigle’s brings you the best in summer beer! With only a few months left before summer beers leave the shelves, we’ve narrowed down the best summer beers so you can spend less time thinking and more time drinking. Check out these 5 seasonal beers you must try before summer is over!

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1. Boulevard Ginger-Lemon Radler


Before you say it – don’t rag on the radler’s! Although some radlers are too sweet for some palettes, this is the one that will change it all. This zesty, Kansas-City-brewed, favorite is the perfect for those who love a citrus packed beer.

With a hint of ginger, Boulevard crafted the perfect bite to keep you coming back for more. Pick some up today at McGonigle’s Market and prepare to meet your newest summer obsession.

Available at McGonigle’s Market for a limited time. Stop by today!


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2. Free State Stormchaser Summer IPA

free-state-summer-stormchaser-kansas-city-mcgonigles-summer-beerThis summery session is fresh, inviting and packs a hoppy punch that even hop-haters can get down with. Brewed in Lawrence, Kansas, this is a local summertime favorite that Kansas Citians go crazy for.

It’s bright, tropical flavors come from centennial and citra hops, and its smooth finish is reminiscent of a pilsner. Keep an eye out for this local seasonal session before it goes back into hibernation.

Available at McGonigle’s Market for a limited time. Stop by today!



3. Goose Island Summertime Kolsch


If you’re all radler-ed out for the summer, this summertime kolsch from Goose Island Beer Co. is a great alternative.

This sunshine colored beer is brewed right out of Chicago, Illinois and is another summertime staple. Known for its grassy aroma and light-bodied lemon flavor, it’s the perfect beer for those who want a subtle summer session.






4. Tallgrass Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat

tallgrass-halcyon-unfiltered-wheat-mcgonigles-market-kc-summer-beerAnother summer beer out of Kansas is the halcyon unfiltered wheat from Tallgrass Brewing Company.

This seasonal beer begins with a raw white wheat for a nice, crisp edge, and finished with “hop-bursting” late in the brewing process to give it an unforgettable palate of fresh tropical fruit flavors and aromas.







5. New Belgium Heavy Melon Ale

new-belgium-heavy-melon-ale-summer-beer-mcgoniglesThis ale comes from the brewmasters at New Belgium Brewing Company in Colorado. It features juicy watermelon and zesty lime peel that both pack a wonderful summer punch. The Heavy Melon Ale has a ripe, fruity aroma with notes of papaya, melon, and a enticing citrus splash.

This summer selection is the perfect blend of fruity sweetness, a hint of grassy bitterness, and a slight touch of tartness to round it all out. Best enjoyed amongst good friends and even better music.




Want to see what we’ve got? Stop by McGonigle’s or give us a call at (816) 444-4720 to find out more about our wide selection of craft beers. And don’t forget to check out our blog for tons of other local seasonal favorites including veggies, meats, seafood and more!


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