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Rewards Card FAQ

signup-rewards-keysMcGonigle’s Market is a family-run establishment, and we want our customers to feel like they’re family when they comes to shop here. One of the ways we try to make that happen is by asking you to do the dishes once in a while. Another way is rewarding you every time you shop with us, and support our business. The McGonigle’s Rewards Card has been around for a few years be we still get questions on how it can be used. Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions so that you can start feeling more like family already.

How Does It Work?

We tried to make it as fair as possible, just like when mom used to hold up the glasses of Coca-Cola to prove that there was an equal amount in everyone’s glass. Every time you spend a dollar with McGonigle’s you earn five points. The more you shop with us, the more those points stack up! Plus, we reward bonus points periodically for the frequency of your visits, and purchasing for certain items.

How Can I Sign Up? Will It Cost Me?

You can sign up here on our website, or ask a clerk at the store to sign you up. It’s simple, we don’t tie your Rewards Card to a credit card, or charge you interest like a credit card. It’s a no-obligation and cost-free way to earn McGonigle’s points for your favorite products.

How Can I redeem My Points?

Items that are on our current rewards list will be prominently signed throughout the store showing the item available and the points required to receive it for FREE. We always have our monthly specials posted at the registers so you can look for something you may have missed at the last minute. No purchase is required and you may simply come in and bring an item to the cashier to instantly redeem points.

We do need to know your card number to redeem points so it is always good to have it with you. However, if you do not have your card we can look it up in what we call “THE GRAIL” (we are also Monty Python Fan’s). The grail is our regularly updated, old school, 3 ring binder held together with duct tape that we can use to look up numbers and names.

What If I Forget My Card?

If you have a card, but often forget it, take a photo of your Rewards Card so we can see your ID number. Then we will be able to punch it in when you check out, and you can continue to earn points for every dollar you spend with us. Come on down to McGonigle’s Market at the corner of Ward Parkway & 79th Street to start earning rewards points today!

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