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Prime Rib

Standing Rib Roast from McGonigle’
Olive Oil
Sweet Basil
Onion Powder (optional)
Garlic Powder (optional)

We have found that a large roast will cook more evenly if allowed to come to room temperature before roasting. One to two hours should be sufficient. Rub roast with olive oil. Season to taste. We recommend generous amounts of salt, pepper, sweet basil and rosemary. We sell several seasoning blends that add a little extra zip if you like. Some people will also add garlic or onion powder. Whatever your preference add it generously for robust flavor. Roasting is simply a matter of time and temperature. We recommend a 350 degree oven for even roasting. This should create a nice browned crust and leave the center moist and juicy. A general rule of thumb for medium rare is to roast the prime rib for approximately 16-20 minutes per pound. However, when you get into the larger roasts this rule does not hold true. The larger roast is simply longer not bigger around and since the meat will cook from the outside in, rather than from end to end, anything that is longer than it is thick will cook in about the same amount of time. So, anything 10-12 lbs or more will cook in about 2 ½-3 hours. Every oven cooks a little differently, so use a meat thermometer and watch it closely. Always take the roast out about 10 degrees shy of where you want it. Let it rest for about 20-30 minutes and it will continue to cook to your desired temperature. Resting also helps retain juices when it is sliced.

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