Our BBQ to Go Is Really Going Places!

McGonigle's BBQ truck for lunchBelieve it or not, some people do not know that every day McGonigle’s Market serves up a delicious BBQ lunch. Brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, burgers, sausage…and don’t forget the sides like onion strings, cheesy corn, waffle fries… you get the idea. We serve it from our trailer in the front of the store. All you do is go into the store, place your order, pour your drink from the fountain, and take the receipt outside to the guys in the trailer. Anybody who lives or works near us knows about this by our signs and the delicious smoke wafting through the air. However, some people don’t work or live near our store, and to them we issue an apology and wish we could see them more often. While we can’t just open a new store near you, we’ve done the next best thing. 

Now Our BBQ Can Come to You with Postmates

Postmates now offers McGonigle's Market deliverySo you don’t live or work close to McGonigle’s Market. 🙁 Whump, whump whump. We have some great news for you. Now you can get McGonigle’s BBQ delivered to you! That’s right. We’ve partnered with Postmates to make your lunch and dinner BBQ dreams come true. Just use the Postmates app to place your order and they bring it to you. But remember, we aren’t a late night kinda place. We’re only open M-S till 6 and Sunday till 5. You’re gonna have to take those after-the-bars tummy rumbles someplace else. But when it comes to lunch, we gotcha covered every day of the week! Get yourself some McGonigle’s BBQ today!

McGonigle’s Hours

Monday – Saturday

8:00am – 6:00pm


11:00am – 5:00pm


BBQ to Go Menu

BBQ to Go Web Page


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