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Our 5 Favorite Lunchtime Munchies

McGonigles Lunch MunchiesWhen that midday munchies craving hits make sure you make your way over to McGonigle’s Market. We offer a great selection of American favorites on our lunch menu daily. It’s a tough decision, but if we had to pick our favorites these five items would be at the top of our list. We’ll let your taste buds make the final decision though.

Main Dishes

While ranking the top five favorites might be impossible because your appetite can change day by day, these three dishes definitely make the cut for favorites on the menu.

Smokey Pulled Pork Sandwich – $5.99

In the mood for something tender and a little sweet? Try our delicious pulled pork sandwich for less than $6! It’s on the menu every day, too.

KC Style Baby Back Ribs – $14.99 slab, $8.75 ½ slab

If you’re feeling Midwestern today, why not go for our KC Style Baby Back Ribs, full or half slab. The tender meat is cooked to perfection in house with our tasty rub. Choose from sweet or spicy sauce to lap up with the meat.

Burnt End Sandwich – $6.99

While this beauty is only available three days of the week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it’s well worth the wait the other four days. Our burnt ends are never too chewy, and are slathered in a delicious tangy sauce.

Side Munchies

To accompany your favorite lunch specials, make sure you choose the right side that will compliment your main dish. The following two are crowd-pleasing favorites that we would eat with every meal if it were physically possible.

McGoo Waffle Fries with Secret Spice and Parmesan – $1.99

Fries go with almost any type of food, but waffle fries are their own breed. You can mix them with another dish, or gobble them up on their own! The perfectly crisp waffle cuts are coated in our secret spice blend and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. It’s pretty much heaven in food form.

Onion Strings – $1.99

Another fan favorite are our onion strings. While onion rings are well known, its lesser-known cousin, the onion string is a rising Superstar. These perfectly crunchy strings are also easier to eat (no more onion sliding out of the fried coating).

Stop by McGonigle’s Market today for your midday munchies fix. We are located on the corner of 79th Street and Ward Parkway.

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