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More than Just a Topping: Our Favorite Condiments

McGonigle's Favorite CondimentsA turkey sandwich can be plain and simple, or it could be a mouthwatering masterpiece of artisan sandwich making. The choice is yours. Put up with the blandness of a plain meal, or jazz it up with toppings and sauces that will change the game, and your taste buds forever. While the regular mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard may not be much to get excited about, McGonigle’s Market has found new takes on these condiments that really elevate them. Here are our top three picks.

Macho Mayo

One of our favorite new condiments to slather on our sandwiches and jazz up recipes is this beefed up mayonnaise topping. It has the perfect mix of creamy mayo and spicy jalapenos. Use it as a condiment or as a dipping sauce. If you like spicy foods, this one’s for you!

Artisan Ketchups

This isn’t the old run-of-the-mill ketchup you see at any hotdog stand. Fine Vines Artisanal Ketchups come in all sorts of flavors, like Original, Black Truffle, Thai Ginger, Grill Smoke and Apple Wood. That means there are endless possibilities when it comes to using these ketchups. Plus, it’s a local company based right here in Leawood, Kansas.

More Than Just Mustard

Mustard is often overlooked with it comes to exciting taste. It can be mesmerizing and a great addition to almost any meal. Try Hot Helga Nordic Mustard, also local from Lenexa, Kansas. This sweet and spicy mustard spread is a force to be reckoned with, and your tastebuds will be dancing the first time you try it.

To test out some of our favorite toppings and condiments stop by McGonigle’s Market at the corner of Ward Parkway and 79th Street. Your tastebuds will thank you.

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