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McGonigle’s Top 5 Sausages & The Best Ways to Eat Them  


There’s nothing quite like sausages fresh off the grill, and since grilling season is coming to a close, we’re celebrating this tasty favorite. Here are our top 5 favorite types of sausages and the best ways to eat them.

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Sheboygan Style Bratwurst

sheboygan style bratwurst with mustardIt’s a funny name, but these tasty links pack some serious flavor. We’re talking about McGonigle’s Sheboygan style bratwurst. Although this style of brat originated in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, we make them fresh, in-house, right here in Kansas City!

These brats are known for having loads of flavor that comes from the prominent use of coriander. The best way to cook them? Go for a traditional style brat-fest and simmer these with onions, peppers, and your favorite lager style beer. As for toppings, we like to keep it classic with a plain yellow mustard to bring out the bold flavor profile of these delicious brats.

Polish Sausagepolish sausage mcgonigles market sauerkraut

This sweeter sausage goes great with acidity and contrasting flavors. If you are grilling your polish sausage, the classic street vendor style could include  sauerkraut, fresh onions and, to kick it up a notch, add just a dab of horseradish. These hearty flavors need a sauce that will pack a punch. We’d suggest a nice stone ground brown mustard such as Inglehoffers.

Andouille Sausage

andouille sausage jambalaya gumbo mcgonigles marketAndouille is a Cajun/Creole style sausage known for its big, bold flavors. This type of sausage has quite the kick, so there is no need to add more heat. This sausage is known for being used in Jambalaya or Gumbo, but is also great on the grill with a toasty bun.

We’d go with a Dijon style of mustard in this case, because they’re typically made with white wine vinegar instead of simple vinegar, which adds a necessary bite to balance the heat of the andouille sausage. When the dijon bite and the Cajun kick cancel each other out, you’ll be left with nothing but awesome flavor.

Italian Sausageitalian sausage mcgonigles market

Our classic italian sausage can be used for pizzas, pasta, soups, or straight up! Characterized by the strong presence of fennel, this sausage is as savory as they come and is typically backed with some spicy flavors to get your tastebuds going.

If you’re enjoying Italian sausage on a bun, grill some red onions and a variety of peppers to top it off!


chorizo huevos rancheros mcgonigles market sausagesThis is the one to try! There are two types of chorizo, one from Spain and the other from Mexico. Spanish chorizo has a similar texture and consistency to salami. On the other hand, Mexican chorizo is more similar in consistency to your typical sausages.

We sell Mexican style chorizo that’s beautifully red from its strong notes of chili powder. Chorizo is great crumbled and tossed in with eggs to complete a zesty huevos rancheros dish. While it may sound different, you must try finishing it with a mustard sauce. Our friends at Brobecks make one of the best mustard sauces.  It is thinner than regular mustard and works well as a finishing glaze.

Need help deciding on dinner? Explore more of our McGonigle’s top sellers on our website, or stop by the store today! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for our exclusive weekly specials.

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