McGonigle’s Nationwide Steak Shipping: The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season


Here at McGonigle’s, we’re proud to serve the best meat in the Midwest, which is why we provide our premium steak shipping services to share the love all across the United States. That’s right! You can send a little Kansas City anywhere in the U.S. this holiday season with the click of a few buttons!

For more than four generations our steak shipping services have been a holiday staple in KC, and we’ve climbed our way to the top of every steak lover’s Christmas list. What are you waiting for?  Click the button below and  send Kansas City’s finest steaks to those on your list today!


Want to know more? Below are all the details you’ll need, plus the answers to some frequently asked steak shipping questions.

What Type of Steaks Do You Ship?

Choose from  a large variety of steak cuts: We can also mix and match your order with a variety of steaks in one shipment! Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Kansas City Strip
  • Beef Tenderloin Filet
  • Beef Tenderloin Roasts
  • Rib Eye
  • Porterhouse T-Bone
  • Ribeye Roasts
  • Loin Point Roasts
  • Lamb Selections
  • Or Mix & Match!

When Should I Place My Order to Make Sure It Arrives by Christmas?

We use a one to two-day shipping service with UPS to guarantee the freshest steaks on the market upon delivery. In order make sure your gift gets delivered in time for Christmas, place your order by December 18th!

What Sets McGonigle’s Steaks Apart from Other Shipping Brands?

porterhouse-t-bone-steak-mcgonigles-kansas-cityIt’s no doubt that Kansas City is known for having the finest selection of meats, and here at McGonigle’s, we take pride in being the best place in town to provide these high-quality meats. We’ve made a name for ourselves by only choosing top grades of USDA inspected beef, followed by a precise family tradition of aging to provide the ultimate tenderness and flavor.

Want to know more? Check out our steak buying guide!

How Are the Steaks Packaged?

Freshness is the key to awesome taste, which is why we hand cut your order on site. Then, we vacuum pack and flash freeze your premium cut steaks and place them in an extra thick Styrofoam cooler with dry ice to ensure they arrive fresher than ever. All you have to do is let them thaw and cook them to perfection!

Do I Have to Trim the Meat Myself?

Of course not! When you order premium steaks from McGonigle’s, premium is exactly what you’ll get. All cutting and trimming is done by hand by our master meat cutters, which means you won’t be paying for the extra fat. Instead, you’ll get the finest steaks we have to offer, shipped to you, fresh and ready to cook. Simple as that!

How Do You Suggest I Prepare My Shipped Steak?

There are so many ways to prepare your steak, but we are suckers for this simple steak grilling technique. Watch Mike McGonigle demonstrate the best steak grilling tips here or, if you want to avoid the cold and take your grilling inside, here’s how to perfectly cook steak using a cast iron skillet!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, it must be McGonigle’s! Don’t wait to finish your gift list this holiday season, place your steak shipping order right now!

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