McGonigle’s Staff Picks: Sauces & Rubs Pt. 1

Time to take it to the grill with the staff at McGonigle’s Market. With such a wide variety of sauces and rubs to choose from, we wanted to give you a little guidance, and who knows these products better than our staff? The answer: no one.
So, here they are, the staff picks for the best sauces and rubs from McGonigle’s!



  • mcgonigles-staff-picks-bbq-saucesCowtown BBQ Sauce: This zesty, tangy sauce was voted “BEST SAUCE ON THE PLANET!” at the 2001 American Royal Barbecue Contest and has been a booming success ever since. With two different flavored sauces and four rub flavors, Cowtown BBQ products have all the necessities to make you a barbecue pro.
  • Gates & Sons Original: This Kansas City classic doesn’t need an introduction. It’s sweet with a little tang, and perfect for the mildest of mouths. This is a great go-to for the traditional barbecue lover.
  • Gates & Sons Extra Hot: For those who like it hot, try Gates & Sons Extra Hot BBQ sauce. This is another one of our favorites for those days you feel like kicking it up a notch. Same classic flavors as the original, with a whole lot more heat!
  • Meat Mitch – Char Bar Table Sauce: This all-natural, gluten-free sauce is perfect to slather on any meat. Just don’t actually spill it on the table or you may find yourself chewing wood. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The Char Bar Table Sauce is also free of high fructose corn syrup, so you BBQ fans in denial of that diet you just started can rest easy with this tasty sauce.

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  • mcgonigles-staff-picks-bbq-rubsScott’s Santa Maria Seasoning: This local favorite will enhance any meal and is also great on popcorn! Made with all-natural ingredients and no MSG, this rub is great for everyday cooking. Need to spice up your dinner? Try it tonight!
  • Tom Douglas Rub With Love (multiple styles): We love Tom’s Rub With Love products because the options are endless. They have everything from their “Smoky BBQ Rub” to an “Exotic Mushroom Rub”. Stick to the classics or try something new; either way you can’t go wrong with this line of rubs!
  • KC Rib Doctor Blue Ribbon BBQ Seasoning: The KC Rib Doctor is in, and this rub is serving up tons of flavor. Our staff agrees that it is best on ribs, but it is also dynamite on any cut of meat. Try this on your next slab of ribs for a taste you won’t forget.
  • Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning: The name says it all, folks. This rub will slap you right the face! Made in Louisiana by the Cajun experts themselves, this rub has crazy Cajun flavor. Try it on some dry-rubbed chicken wings, or your favorite cut of meat for a flavorful punch!


Tasty Tip: Try spicing things up! Many of the staff members here at McGonigle’s love to add Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning to their other favorite rubs for an added touch of heat!


You Can’t Go Wrong at McGonigle’s!

Now that you’ve heard our staff’s favorites, stop by and find your own favorite! We have one of the largest selections of sauces and rubs in the entire area, including local, regional and national flavors from award-winning brands.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right sauce and rub that is perfect for your taste. We also carry all the smoking woods you need to get your grill going and find that perfect flavor you’re aiming for.

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Don’t have time to fire up the grill? Stop by McGonigle’s Market and enjoy our large selection of BBQ To Go.

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