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Kick Off the New Year with the Finest Seafood In KC from McGonigle’s!

Planning your New Year’s Eve party? Why not go out with a bang for your last meal of 2016? Celebrate the new year with the finest seafood in Kansas City from McGonigle’s Market! Take a peek at what we have in-store and hurry in before it’s all gone!

McGonigle’s Staff Suggestion: “Whichever fine seafood you fancy on this list, a dry Chardonnay or a bright Pinot Grigio will make for the perfect pairing!”

King Crab Legsking-crab-legs-mcgonigles-kc

There’s a reason these crab legs were named “King,” and it’s not for being dainty in size. We make sure to sell only the best quality and largest king crab legs we can find, weighing in anywhere from 12-14oz a leg.

Don’t settle for dinky crab legs for your New Year’s feast. Skip the rest and get the best from McGonigle’s Market!



Cold Water Lobster Tailscold-water-lobster-tail-mcgonigles-market-kc

Looking to indulge this New Year? Try our cold water lobster tails for the highest-quality, most tender seafood you’ll taste this season.

Brought in from the East Coast and Canada, these Nova Scotia tails are the perfect way to ring in 2017 in style.



Specially Ordered, Untreated Shrimp & Scallops

fresh-shrimp-scallops-mcgonigles-market-kcAt McGonigle’s, our shrimp are all wild-caught and never treated. This means our selection is always fresh, all-natural, and free of preservatives.

Typically, most shrimp and scallops are dry packed using a preservative called sodium tripolyphosphate, which causes them to act like a sponge, soaking up the water and ultimately costing you more for added water weight, but not at McGonigle’s! If you’re looking for the highest quality shrimp and scallops, trust McGonigle’s Market to provide the best in town.

Featured Recipe: Simple & Succulent Shrimp Scampi


Atlantic & Western-Ross Salmonatlantic-salmon-mcgonigles-fresh-market-kansas-city

Our Atlantic salmon is farm raised from the most reliable farmers in Chile, and our Western-Ross salmon is from Scotland where unique farming techniques are used to raise the best salmon around. These organically raised salmon are perfect for any dinner party or for a quaint New Year’s Eve with the family. Stop by McGonigle’s before they’re all gone!

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Blue Point Oystersblue-point-oysters-order-from-mcgonigles-market-kc

The world is your oyster in 2017 with our succulent Blue Point oysters shipped straight from the Chesapeake Bay. Get them in the shell or have them shucked in store, but either way you better hurry up!

We have limited quantities of these little beauties, so give us a call at (816) 444-4720 to reserve some for your New Year’s Eve feast.


Don’t see what you need? There’s plenty more where that came from. Check out our seafood selection online, or give us a call at (816) 444-4720 to see what’s in stock!


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