How to Slow Smoke a Pork Butt in 3 Easy Steps

smoked-pork-buttThere are only a few more weeks of great fall weather here in Kansas City, so take advantage of being able to cook outdoors while you can. Pork butt can be tender, juicy and utterly delicious if cooked correctly, especially if you buy your pork butt from McGonigle’s Meat Market. So take to the pit! Here are our three easy steps to the perfectly roasted pork butt that will fall right off the bone.

Choose a Rub or Marinade

The first step towards a scrumptious pork butt is seasoning it. Pick a rub or marinade of your choice, or make one from scratch. We like to use garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and brown sugar. Another great tip to make sure your pork butt is juicy and delicious is to add unsweetened apple juice to the bottom of the roasting pan or use apple and hickory chips in your roaster.

Smoke On Low

Next, put the pork butt in your smoker on low heat, 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, for about four to six hours depending on the size of the butt. After three to four hours, you won’t really get any more smoke flavor into the butt. The goal is to get the internal temperature of the meat to 200 degrees.

Cook in Oven

You can leave the pork butt on the pit until it reaches 200 degrees internally, or since you’ve gotten that great smoke flavor infused into the meat, you can remove the pork butt from your smoker and finish it in the oven. Just set the temperature to 200 degrees for four to six more hours (overnight works too). The key is to get the internal temperature to 200 degrees. In the morning, or when it’s reached 200 degrees, the bone should pull right out and the meat will shred easily. Add a sauce, if you so desire, and it’s ready to serve!

Pick up all of your pork-smoking necessities at McGonigle’s Market on the corner of Ward Parkway and 79th St.

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