Hot Dogs & Baseball: A Match Made in Heaven

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Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs, here! A ballpark without hot dogs is almost unheard of in America, but that wasn’t always the case. We have one man to thank for that and his name is Chris. We’re giving you all the details of how this match-made-in-heaven came to be.


A Baseball Stadium Staple


Although sausages and hot dogs have been dated back as far at 9th century B.C., in 1893 German immigrant and owner of the St. Louis Browns, Chris von der Ahe, stumbled upon an awesome combination: hot dogs & baseball.

At the time, Chris was looking to give fans an easy, convenient, and inexpensive way to eat at a ballgame. After linking back to his German roots he decided on the hot dog! Soon after he started serving them at baseball games, people around the country began to catch on, and thus, the movement began.

After their appearance in 1893, hot dogs have become a staple at baseball stadiums everywhere. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, this is a real thing), MLB fans are predicted to consume more than 19.4 million hot dogs in 2016. Now that’s a lot of hot dogs.

Not only have hot dogs become a ballpark staple, but they have become a passion. From deep fried to bacon wrapped, people are dreaming up all sorts of ways to enjoy these tasty snacks. Even cities are claiming their own signature dogs all across the U.S.

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(National Hot Dog & Sausage Council)

Food Fit for World Champions

Kansas City is not only the barbecue capital of the world, but now, it’s also home to the best baseball team in the world! And we think that is something worth celebrating.

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