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Halloween How-To: 4 Must-Know Dry Ice Safety Tips & Where to Buy It

halloween-dry-ice-safety-tips-mcgonigles-market-kansas-cityHalloween is lurking just around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the dry ice! Luckily, you can pick it up right here, at McGonigle’s Market, just in time for a spooky surprise at your next Halloween bash.

But before you go full-hocus-pocus on your party guests, here’s a few things you need to know about this Halloween staple, along with some of our favorite ways you can use dry ice this Halloween:

What Is Dry Ice?

Simply put, dry ice is recycled carbon dioxide gas that has been captured during industrial processes and frozen into solid form. At a crisp -109.3°F, it’s especially useful for freezing and keeping things frozen, however, it’s also widely used for its spooky appearance during Halloween.

Dry Ice Safety Tips  

While dry ice can be very festive this time of year, it can also be very dangerous if not handled properly. So, before hopping into the Halloween fun, be sure to follow these safety tips while handling this frigid favorite:

  1. NEVER touch dry ice with bare hands. As fun as it is to watch dry ice disappear, it won’t be as fun to watch your fingers disappear along with it. Just kidding! However, touching dry ice directly can cause injuries similar to a very bad burn. If you’re planning on handling the cauldron this Halloween, make sure to wear heavy rubber gloves or use tongs to avoid injuries.
  2. Be careful where you store dry ice. Your first thought may be to throw it in the freezer, but DON’T! Dry ice should be kept in a separate insulated cooling container. Due to its extremely low temperature, storing dry ice in your freezer will cause temperatures to plummet, signaling your freezer’s thermostat to shut your freezer off completely!
  3. Be cautious of children. Children are naturally curious, so when they see a mystical cloud of smoke billowing out of various Halloween decorations they may be inclined to investigate! To avoid an injury and your child having an extra haunted Halloween, make sure children are never left unsupervised around dry ice.
  4. Make sure the room is well ventilated. While most Halloween fun only calls for a small amount of dry ice, it’s important to know that large amounts of it in a small space can be extremely dangerous. To be safe, make sure you are using dry ice in a well-ventilated space and in small amounts.

Where Can I Buy Dry Ice?

At McGonigle’s Market, of course! Use it in a creepy cauldron or dress up some adult cocktails to take your Halloween party to the next level. Stop by McGonigle’s for dry ice and all your other Halloween party essentials today!

For the freshest produce & local products, stop by McGonigle’s Market. And for more helpful tips and tricks, check out our blog!


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