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Grilling Tips to Get You Ready for Summer

Grilling Tips From McGonigle'sSummer in the Kansas City Metro Area means two things to most residents, barbe que, and grilling. When it comes to the these activities, we really know what we’re talking about. Grilling is a summer activity that everyone can enjoy, and McGonigle’s Market wants to make sure that you enjoy it to the fullest by doing it right. Here are some of our top grilling tips that will make you everyone’s favorite neighbor this summer.

Pick Your Tool

First decide what type cooker you want to use. Barbe que is typically defined by slow cooking methods using lump charcoal or briquettes. Grilling is usually considered best for items that will be cooked quickly with a higher heat level. Gas grills are great for grilling and getting things moving quickly for super active families. A charcoal grill or smoker box are great for when there is no rush. Make sure you’re cooking at the right setting for the optimum food outcome. Thin cuts of lamb, pork or beef (including burgers) should be cooked hot and fast. Delicate items like fish, vegetables, and chicken should be cooked at medium on your grill’s dial. Roasts, whole chickens, and thick, large cuts should be cooked at lower temperatures, and indirectly.

For charcoal grills, we prefer to use lump charcoal, which allows for a more even heat. A great way to get started is by using a charcoal chimney. It’s fast, and also prevents the need for lighter fluid, which can affect the taste of your meat. To use the chimney, just fill it with charcoal, then stuff a wadded up newspaper in the bottom, and light it on fire. Once the coals get going, let them burn out a little before you put your meat on. Keep a water bottle on hand to keep flames under control.

Stock Up on the Right Supplies

When it comes to grilling, making sure you have exactly what you need before you start is crucial. You don’t want to forget your tongs when it’s time to flip your meat, or your water bottle when a flame flares up and engulfs your burger. Make sure to have a water bottle, metal tongs, a plate for raw meat, a separate plate for cooked meat, and a meat thermometer on hand before you place any meat on the grill. This will ensure you don’t have to run into the house while your meat sits on the grill, risking an overdone meal. And don’t forget about having the best quality meat from McGonigle’s on hand to grill with.

Prepare Your Meat the Right Way

Meat prep is a step you can’t miss. Throwing seasoning on your meat while it’s cooking won’t make for a great outcome. Make sure you season your meat with quality ingredients, and give it time to sink in. McGonigle’s has over 140 different types of rubs and pre mixed seasonings. Marinades should only be used to enhance the flavor of your food and not cover it up. Depending on the size and type of meat you’re cooking, one to two hours to is usually sufficient. If you’re grilling burgers, make sure to take the time to sprinkle in a few spices, and to pat your patties to the correct thickness. Make it about as thick as a deck of cards, then pinch the center a bit. Burgers cook quicker on the perimeters, which means you can overcook it easily trying to get a well-cooked center.

Grill Like a Pro

Once you’ve prepped, and assembled all of your goodies, make sure you are present while operating the grill. Keeping all of your attention on the grill and your food is important to make sure your food is cooked thoroughly enough without getting burned to a crisp, and to make sure you’re being safe. Keep your grill away from crowded areas, and make sure it’s not too close to your home, or trees or plants that could catch fire if there is a flareup. And always keep a fire extinguisher close by for emergencies.

Keep It Clean

Lastly, make sure to clean up after your grilling session ends. This is an important step to keep your grill prepped for the next time. Make sure to wipe it clean of grease and leftover meat, turn off the gas, make sure the coals are completely cooled, and close and cover your grill to protect it.

To pick up all your grilling needs, head to the Meat Capital of Kansas City, McGonigle’s Market on the corner of Ward Parkway and 79th Street.

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