Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's DAy McGongile's Gift IdeasIt’s June once again, meaning it’s time for fathers all over the country to bask in their glory. You’ll never be able to thank Dad enough for all he does, but a little pampering wouldn’t hurt either. McGonigle’s has been helping families come together over great food for years. Here are our top picks for gifts for Dad this Father’s Day.

Steak Shipping

Many of us moved away from home, or maybe our parents have taken off to experience some different scenery. But just because you aren’t with Dad, doesn’t mean you can’t help him celebrate his great duty. Send Dad something that will fill his soul and his belly. McGonigle’s can ship steaks all over the country. Our McGonigle’s Market steak shipping can be customized too, so you can send Dad his favorite cuts of meat, along with his favorite toppings and rubs. While this is a popular gift for many people with parents out of town, we get lots of local deliveries, too! You can’t go wrong with this one.

Grilling Kit

If your dad is nearby and you’d rather bring him something else to open, why not present him with a customized grilling kit. Combine a basket with all his favorite meat rubs, seasonings, toppings, and add in a few cool new grilling utensils. Then show up with some prime grilling meat from McGonigle’s in tow so he can get started using his gift right away! You can find all the grilling ingredients and utensils you could ever need right here at McGonigle’s Market in our grocery section. We even carry many small, specialty brand rubs, seasonings, and toppings.

Come on down to McGonigle’s Market at the corner of Ward Parkway and 79th Street in Kansas City, Missouri to create your Father’s Day gift bag, or click here to order steak shipping online.

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