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The Best Thanksgiving Turkey in Kansas City: Order Online Today!

best-fresh-thanksgiving-turkey-kansas-city-mcgonigles-marketLooking for the best Thanksgiving turkey in Kansas City? McGonigle’s has your back! We’ve been selling fresh turkeys and Thanksgiving sides to Kansas City families for years, which is why we’ve made it easier than ever with online ordering. However, you’ll need to know a few things before you place your order, which is why we’re breaking down the details below.

What Kind of Turkey Should I Order?

Our turkeys are fresh (never frozen), minimally processed, and have absolutely no additives or preservatives, which is why they’re the best in town. We also offer many different sizes of turkeys to ensure you have the best selection possible. After you choose what kind of turkey you should order, it’s time to choose what size.

Which Size Turkey Should I Order?

The rule of thumb on what size turkey to buy is 1 pound to 1-1/4 pound per adult. This calculation will allow for some leftovers. As the turkey size gets larger, you will be able to serve more people per pound due to higher meat content. Want to know how long to cook your turkey? Check out our ultimate list of turkey tips that will save you from a Thanksgiving catastrophe.

What Else Can I Order from McGonigle’s?

So, you’ve accepted that you aren’t Rachael Ray? Don’t sweat it! You can also order sides, pies, or your entire Thanksgiving meal if you choose! Our Thanksgiving dinner is available in three sizes:

  • #1M Dinner for 4-8 people                    
  • #2M Dinner for 6-10 people
  • #3M Dinner for 8-14 people

Each meal includes our fresh turkey, roasted, sliced and placed in a pan, mashed potatoes, herb stuffing, homestyle green beans, gravy, cranberry walnut relish, rolls and butter. You have your choice of ordering your dinner with a proportional mix of white and dark meat, or you have the choice of all white meat.

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When Should I Pick Up My Order?

Stop by McGonigle’s on either Tuesday, November 22nd, or Wednesday, November 23rd, anytime between 8 A.M. to 6 P. M., to pick up your online order. If you’re ordering the entire prepared Thanksgiving Dinner, please specify which day you are picking up to ensure your meal is ready to go!

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