5 Wines to Bring to Your Next Get Together

mcgonigles-wineWhile many people recognize McGonigle’s Market as the premier place to buy meat in Kansas City, many don’t know what we actually carry all types of groceries, including premium liquors, beers and wines. While we may not be licensed wine connoisseurs, we do know good wine when we taste it, as well as what pairs well with the wines we have in stock. So, if you’re having a get together, big or small, check out our five favorite wines and what to pair them with.

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Sauvignon Blanc

This is a dry white wine with aromas of fruit, grass or oak. Sauvignon blancs can be bursting with flavor, crisp with layers of different flavors, or smooth and smoky with hints of vanilla. They pair well with everything from seafood to chicken, or they are great solo.

Dry Riesling

Riesling wines have floral, citrus, apricot, pineapple, honey or mineral aromas. Dry Rieslings are usually crisp and clean with lots of flavor. They pair well with seafood and chicken dishes.

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir wines have red fruit, oak or complex aromas. They range from light and fruity, to full bodied and succulent. Typically a sweeter wine, it pairs well with light cheeses, fruits, salmon, pork or veal dishes.


Malbec wines have dark fruity flavors and aromas of toast oak. They’re medium to full bodied, with hints of dark fruits or chocolate. They pair perfectly with grilled meats and spicy dishes.


If you’re looking for something to celebrate a special occasion with, Champagne Bruts are perfect. They are dry and sparkling, with low levels of sugar. With aromas of apple, pear and citrus, bruts pair well with everything from caviar to buttery seafood, even salty dishes.

Head down to McGonigle’s today to pick up not only the wines for your next get together, but the appetizers and dinner supplies as well! Bon appetit!

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