4 Tips to Win at Your Next Kansas City Tailgate


Whether you’re heading to a Chiefs game or cheering from the parking lot at Arrowhead Stadium, for food and fun it’s all about the tailgate. Preparing for your tailgate can be quite the task, which is why McGonigle’s is breaking down our key tips to ensure your next tailgate goes off without a hitch!



Prep Like a Pro

In order to pack like a pro, be sure to pack up supplies ahead of time, and make sure you leave for the game with plenty of time for setup and cleanup.

Some essentials you can’t forget to include are tables, chairs, bottle openers, toothpicks, trash bags, paper towels and napkins, and hand sanitizer. Also, don’t forget the extras like salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and any of your other favorite condiments.

Pro Tailgating Tip: If you’re a frequent tailgater, pack up a designated tailgating toolbox for the back of your car. Stock it full of the essentials and refill it for tailgates all year round!

Ditch the Grill & Get It To Go

Nobody wants to spend the whole tailgate standing over an open flame. Do yourself a favor and leave the mini grill at home. Instead, stop by McGonigle’s Market and enjoy our BBQ-To-Go! We have our famous BBQ and sides ready to take to your tailgate, and all the other tailgating essentials you may need as well.

Also, remember to consider the different age groups that will be in attendance, as this could change your menu selection for the tailgate. While you plan the party, leave the good eats to McGonigle’s!

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Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Provide a tall flag, and maybe balloons, so people can find you in the parking lot. It doesn’t matter if you have a real tailgate available, trunk parties work, and so do RV or trailer parties, but make sure your friends can find you amongst the crowds. Also, remind guests to bring their own folding chairs for comfort!

Pro Tailgating Tip: While this may seem like the perfect opportunity to further support your favorite sports team, pick something that no one else will have to avoid confusion. Try something unique to your family or your specific tailgate to stand out from the crowd!

Keep Hydrated (Even In The Cold)

Although ice cold beer is a tailgating essential, don’t forget to provide plenty of water during your tailgate and even as it gets cooler outside. Make a fall favorite and bring a thermos full of apple cider or hot chocolate for chillier sporting events. 

Pro Tailgating Tip:Pre-freeze water bottles and let them serve dual purpose to ice down the cooler before the game, and to quench your thirst after the game.


Planning a tailgate for the masses? McGonigle’s offers catering! Smaller or last minute party? Stop on by, we offer BBQ-To-Go seven days a week, with plenty of sides to choose from.

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