3 Creative Ways to Package Your Holiday Cookies

Cookie PackagingThis holiday season, wrap up your baked goods with love. When you put so much effort into adorable, delectable cookies, make sure their packaging reflects your efforts. After you pick up your baking supplies from McGonigle’s Market, use materials you have around the house to create beautiful and festive packaging for your cookies. These also make great gifts!

Brown Paper Bag It

You probably have stacks of these in your house if you sack your kids’ or your own lunches. They seem simple at first, but with a little work, brown paper bags make great packaging for Christmas cookies. You can even get the kids to help! Use markers and stickers to decorate, and cut the tops into decorative designs. Then wrap it up with festive ribbon or string. This is great for teacher holiday gifts, white elephant exchanges, and even gifts for your boss.

Recycle Pringles Tubes

Another material you might already have at home that can be re-used to package your holiday cookies is a Pringles tube. This is the perfect size and shape to hold small round cookies. Make sure to clean out the tube well, you don’t want your cookies to taste like salty chips. Next, use festive wrapping paper, or simple brown matte wrapping paper to cover the entire width and length of the tube. When your cookies have cooled, stack them with cupcake holders between each, and then top off the tube with a bow. You’re good to go!

Cookies in a Jar

If you’re not sure how quickly your Christmas cookies will be devoured, this might be a better packaging option for you. Don’t bake them at all! Instead, compile all the pre-measured ingredients for your treats, and put them together into a mason jar. Then make sure to include a printed out recipe with the jar. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the recipe and use festive ribbon or string to tie the recipe and a note to the cookie mix. This is almost like double gifting, since your loved one will get to make fresh cookies, and will also get a keepsake mason jar that makes a great decorative piece or drinking glass.

Come down to McGonigle’s Market at Ward Parkway and 79th Street today to pick up all of your baking supplies for your holiday gifting. And if you don’t feel like cooking this year, call us at (816) 444-4720 if you have questions about our McGonigle’s Christmas meal catering.

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