Finest Quality Meats In Kansas City By McGonigle’s

McGonigle’s is well known in Kansas City for our commitment to providing the highest quality meats for over half a century. Many customers have told us they drive by several other markets before coming to our own. Whether it’s our premium aged beef, our superb Berkshire Pork, fresh lamb, veal or any other specialty meat, you can depend on us to cut it just the way you want right at our meat counter.

  • We sell only the finest products available
  • USDA choice and higher beef
  • Inspected daily by the USDA
  • Cut by our Expert butchers for the best in personalized service


McGonigle’s beef is the cornerstone of our family’s reputation. In a city famous for excellent beef and steaks, we are regarded as the very best. We begin by purchasing only the finest quality beef. Carefully aged for flavor and tenderness, our expert butchers will cut and trim your beef to perfection. You won’t find any better.


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To offer our customers the best in pork products, our market primarily offers Berkshire Pork. Berkshire is a heritage breed of hog, brought to the States from England in the 1600’s. Opposed to factory farmed pork, which is bred for leanness and injected with solutions to improve the quality of the meat, Berkshire Pork is never treated and bred for the finest quality you can find.


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Lamb & Vealmeat-lamb

When we think of grilling meat, we often think of beef or maybe pork, but many people aren’t aware of the wonderful meals that can be prepared with lamb. Today’s lamb is a lean, tender, delicious choice for outdoor grilling. Its subtle flavor combines well with a variety of marinades to produce some very delicious complex flavor treats. Of course, we also carry veal. Veal is prized for its delicate flavor and tender texture. We offer only the best veal available.


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If Thanksgiving is just around the corner, then look no further than McGonigle’s Market to provide the centerpiece of your family table. Our turkeys are minimally processed with no additives or preservatives added at the time of processing. Other turkeys are often injected with a salt & oil solution during processing which is supposed to make them more tender and flavorful. We don’t agree. We think this simply adds water weight to the turkey and allows the turkey to dry out while cooking.

In addition to our delicious, plump chickens, we also carry mouthwatering turkey, duck and pheasant — all sold and prepared at our high McGonigle’s standard.


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deer_meatBuffalo & Game

Looking for something different? How about a Bison Steak? McGonigle’s carries lots of interesting meat items. Buffalo or Bison (the more technically correct name) is a customer favorite. We also carry venison, rabbit, goat…and more. If we don’t have it, we will do our best to order it in for you.


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