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In Shell Blue Point Oysters
Wild Caught, USA
$15.99 dz
Shucked Blue Point Oysters – Standard
Wild Caught, USA
$18.99 lb
Walleye Fillets
Wild Caught, Canada
$19.99 lb
Corvina–Carribean White Bass
Wild Caught, Panama
$17.99 lb
Atlantic Cod
Wild Caught, USA
$9.98 lb
Wester Ross Organic Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon
Farm Raised, Scotland
$17.99 lb
Swordfish Steak
Wild Caught, Costa Rica
$16.99 lb
Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi)
Wild Caught, USA
$28.49 lb
Atlantic Salmon Fillets
Farm Raised, Chile
$12.99 lb
Ruby Red Rainbow Trout
Farm Raised, Idaho
$14.98 lb
Sea Scallops (U-10 size) IQF
Wild Caught, Canada
$28.99 lb
Gulf Shrimp-Jumbo Size (21-25 Count)
Wild Caught, USA
$10.98 lb
Gulf Shrimp-Colossal Size (10-12 Count)
Wild Caught, USA
$19.99 lb
Salmon in Parchment
Farm Raised, Chile
$9.98 ea
Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon (Lox)
Farm Raised, Chile
$15.99 lb
Smoked Trout
Farm Raised, USA
$21.98 lb
Spiced Cooked Shrimp
Wild Caught, USA
$10.98 lb
Lobster Tails, Cold Water
Wild Caught, USA
$34.99 lb
Fresh Lump Crab Meat
Wild Caught , Mexico
$28.98 lb
Crab Cakes-65% real crab meat
Hand Made
$4.79 ea

Fresh Seafood In Kansas City Delivered Daily at McGonigles

Landlocked in the heart of the US, getting excellent seafood can seem like a problem. The way we look at it, being equally distant from either coast benefits our customers in allowing us to bring in the best variety of fresh fish available. Fresh seafood arrives to our market daily, and we always welcome special orders. We also have a great selection of frozen seafood. Let our knowledgeable staff help you make the right selection.

If it swims, we can get it for you. Until you move to the coast, you can’t find fresher seafood than at McGonigle’s.

  • Fresh, quality product arrives daily.
  • Great selection
  • Competitive pricing, weekly specials
  • Special orders always welcome

Special Orders

Not finding what you’re looking for in our counter or freezer? Planning a special meal and want something exotic? Visit our seafood counter and place a special order with McGonigle’s. By ordering from McGonigle’s, you can guarantee that your seafood is safe, fresh and of the highest quality.

Call 816-444-4720 or e-mail for more information.