If you passed up fish the last time you were at the grocery store, then you also passed up some pretty powerful health benefits.  White fish (like cod, tilapia, and shrimp) provide lean protein, with virtually zero fat per serving. The mild flavor makes these fillets perfect for cooks new to the kitchen or for palates new to the world of seafood.

Including “oily” (also called “fatty” fish) fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids a couple times per week has been shown to help lower blood pressure and improve your overall cardiovascular health. It can also help reduce the risk of depression, stroke, and mental decline.  Since the human body can’t make significant amounts of omega-3s on its own, we need to get it from food. 

Along with heart healthy fat, you get a hearty dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium and phosphorus absorption, making it crucial for healthy bones and teeth. Getting adequate vitamin D can also improve your mood and lower your risk of certain cancers and diseases. 

Easily shake up a dinner rut by baking, sautéing, broiling, or grilling your favorite fillet. Cooking takes only a few minutes, and you probably already have any seasonings you need in your kitchen. Lemon pepper, olive oil, lemon juice or garlic powder can all be used to season mild white fish and more robust, omega-3 packed fish.  If you’re lacking inspiration or just need a place to start, you can ask your local Fareway Meat Experts for advice.

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