Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Reward Information

Why do you ask for my phone number?

We may need to contact you if your card is returned to us, or there is a question about your rewards account. It is also an additional way we can add and redeem points if you forgot your card.


Do I need to keep track of my points or receipts?

No! You do not have to keep your receipts, but you will see your current Points Balance displayed on your receipt each time you shop.


How do I check my point balance?

There are 4 ways to find out your point balance:

  1. Online – If you’re not signed in, Click “Card Balance”
  2. Online – If you register online and sign in, go to “My Rewards”
  3. Look at the bottom of your receipt every time you shop
  4. Have a cashier scan your card at the register


How do I spend my points?

You have options on how you would like to spend your points. You can redeem points for additional savings (over and above the regular weekly specials) in the store on a variety of different products. Keep an eye out for these special offers! And don’t worry; you don’t need to remind the cashier when you check out. If you have enough points and have picked up a qualifying item, the cashier will know to ask if you’d like to spend your points on the discounted item.


What if I lose my card?

Please see customer service for a replacement. They will transfer your existing points balance to a new card.


Should everyone in my household get their own account?

No. Your account has three key tags. Give other members of your household one, so all of your points will go to the same account. Watch how fast they add up!


If I give my email address, are you going to fill my inbox?

No. When you initially enroll, we will send you a welcome email. After that, we will send one a week that will have links to current rewards as well as weekly specials.


Is this a limited time promotion?

No. This is not a limited-time or temporary promotion. This program is committed to provide for our customers on a daily basis.


Digital Coupon Rules

Do digital coupons double?

Digital coupons do not double.


Can I use the same coupon more than once?

No. Once you have used the coupon you downloaded it will no longer work with an additional savings.


Can I use paper coupons as well as digital coupons on the same item?

Coupons are limited to one per item of savings. Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item for savings.


What if there were more than one coupon of the same item that I can download. Can I use both coupons on one item?

No. Coupons can only go for one redeemable item. You can buy the same items to redeem the additional coupon.